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The biggest mistake I have made in relationship. Er well. I've been around 6000 years or more you see. Quite a long while. And shockingly few relationships.

There was that time, oh in about the year 1515 B.C. When I accidentally showed my wings. Oh yes. I dare say my love was quite shocked. Enthralled, perhaps, but also driven quite mad. It's not something I care to talk about.

The look in her eyes. The silent hinge action of her jaw. Her family condemned her, and me as well, the very next day. I scarcely survived. She did not fare so well. It is a guilt I have carried with me all these centuries since.

Every experience is a learning experience. I laid low, as Crowley calls it, for years. Perhaps a century following. I've been more careful. I try always to stick to the plan. Seduce the mortals to the perceived beauty of heaven.

And turn myself over to hell from time to time. It's not so bad, really. Not with one so sinfully beautiful as my Crowley.


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I think it's a safe bet to say people of the world today are disillusioned. They bumble through their lives waiting and hoping, never taking the time to pray. They mostly just expect a miracle to drop down on them when they've done nothing to deserve it.

I'm an angel, see. I was one of the first created. I was guarding The Gate the day the snake slipped in. That old serpent put sin in the minds of men. And women. And children, if you want to get technical. Do I approve of what he did? Certainly not. But it wasn't entirely a bad thing, either. Imagine a world where everything is bright sunshine and pretty flowers.

In a word, boring. What would be the point without the trials and tribulations? The little challenges we face every day, and the even the big ones that come along every now and again? That's what makes the world work. And it gives me something to do. I don't grant miracles, that's out of my league. But I can give people hope. I can use my influence to steer them in a certain way, toward a certain goal or even just a way of thinking.

It's not their fault they've lost their way.

Muse: Aziraphale
Fandom Good Omens
Word Count 210


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Stolen from miami_nvrcloses

Here are a series of questions for your pup to answer about my pup. Answer them from your pup's perspective.

This is open to all pups from grand_cntrl_stt and theatrical_muse

My name:

Where did we meet?:

Take a stab at my middle name:

How long have you known me?:

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1. Title / Prompt. In The Kingdom/Rebellion
2. Character. Aziraphale
3. Warnings: --
4. Pairings --
5. Your character's fandom. House, MD
6. Word count. 156
7. Rating. Average
8. Disclaimer. Gaiman and Pratchett are geniuses.
9. Notes: Deminian is the Angel name I gave Crowley

The world had only just been created. The First Man and The First Woman newly made. Neither rain nor sin had been invented. There was no sadness, nor joy. Man and Woman simply were, and the Angels watched over them.

The first chords of discontent rippled thought the Kingdom, catching the angel Aziraphale quite by surprise. There was no word for concern yet, as Aziraphale raced through the Kindom, seeking the Angel called Deminian. If anyone knew yet what was happening, Deminian would surely know.

All the Angels looked nearly identical then, and Aziraphale searched in vain for his beloved. "He's gone, Aziraphale," an authoratative voice boomed. "Deminian's Fallen."

Aziraphale opened his mouth, but there was no sound. He blinked rapidly. His wings fluttered restlessly against his back.

"There was a rebellion, Aziraphale."

Aziraphale dropped his gaze, and his wings drooped. "No. Not...Not Deminian." All at once, there was sadness and dispair in the Kingdom.


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Leaving the sights and sounds and smells of the beach behind, Azi led Hermione back to their apartment. He kicked his shoes off at the door, grateful to be out of them, to let his toes wiggle on the carpet. It was on the tip of his tongue to ask her again if she minded leaving thre party, but he kissedher instead.


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Eventually Crawly said, "Didn't you have a flaming sword?"

"Er," said the angel. A guilty expression passed across his face, and then came back and camped there.

"You did, didn't you," said Crawly. "It flamed like anything."
"Er, well-"

"It looked very impessive, I thought."

"Yes, but, well-"

"Lost it, have you?"

"Oh no! No, not exactly lost, more-"


Aziraphale looked wretched. "If you must know," he said, a trifle testily, "I gaveit away."

Crawly stared up at him.

"Well, I had to," said the angel, rubbing his hands distractedly. "They looked so cold, poor things, and she's expecting already, and what with the vicious animals out ther eand the storm coming up I thought, well, where's the har,, so I just said, look, if you come back there's going to be an almighty row, but you might be needing this sword, so here itr is, don't bother to thank me, just do everyone a big favor and don't let the sun go down on you here."

He gave Crawly a worried grin.

"That was the best course, wasn't it?"

"I'm not sure it's possible for you to actually do evil," Crawly said sarcasticly.

She was a loving mother. She swaddled him, cradled him, held him to her breast. She loved him and protected him, and taught him to be loving and strong and loyal and forgiving. She raised him to be the savior of the world, the One who would suffer for the sins of man.

She was a kind woman. Tender and loving in all that she did. She loved all the world. She stayed strong in the face of unspeakable horrors bestowed upon her son.

Mothers of the world ought to be more like Mary. Loving, supportive, and forgiving. Too many choose a different route. Anything less delves quickly into heartbreak and pain. It is a sadness I see over and over again, and the task of righting these wrongs is on of the greatest wars humanity faces.

This is the sort of thing that leads me to question my purpose and my mission. I am an angel. I hve untold power. And yet I am, often, comepletely helpless.

*Italics denotes text from Gaiman & Pratchett's text

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Questions For April answered here.

Topics include confidant, relationships, work experience, and possessions among other things.

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I never told him how I felt. I was, yes, afraid, to tell him. Afraid he wouldn't feel the same. Afraid telling him would be my own demise. He is a demon, you see, while I am an angel. he was once an angel himself. I won't go in to details, except to say he never should have Fallen. He wasn't bad or evil or any of that. He's learned, through the years, of course. He's had to be a little bit wicked in order to survive.

I still remember how it was, when he was cast out. 6000 yars ago, and it feels like yesterday. I don't want that to happen to me. But I miss him. I'd be willing to take the Fall, if it meant I could see him again. Just to see him. To hear his voice, to see for myself that he's all right.

I miss you, Crowley.

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Many people, meeting Aziraphale for the first time, formed three impressions: that he was English, that he was intelligent, and that he was gayer than a tree full of monkeys on Nitrous Oxide. Two of these were wrong; Heaven is not in England, whatever certain poets may have thought, and angels are sexless unless they really want to make an effort. But he was intelligent. And it was an angelic intelligence which, while not being particularly higher than human intelligence, is much broader and has the advantage of having thousands of years of experience. (page 147)

Generally speaking, how do people perceive you?

I am a business man. Indeed, I own my own business. A book shop in the heart of Soho. I specialize in rare and first editions. I have an extensive collection of misprinted Bibles. Crowley says the shop is really just a place to store my books, and down to the wire, I suppose he's right. To a point.

The shop is rather a bit more than that, you see. The shop is my livelihood. My humanity. It allows me to pose as a man while doing my moral angelic duty. Thwarting the wiles of man. Yes. I live among men, so that I can better serve Him, you see.

I'm a right friendly chap, if I do say so myself. I like people, I really do. I liked talking to people. I enjoy getting to know them. As long as they don't attempt to purchase a book from my shop. Really, my dear. I don't mess around with that.

A typical exchange might go something like this, you see:

I am the owner and only employee to work my shop. I rather like to greet my customers at the door. The shop is in Soho. A spot of friendliness goes a long way, you see. I like to touch people. Feel the warmth of their hands.

"Good day, my dear," I might say. "Won't you have some tea? Would you care for a biscuit?" I bake and brew daily, you see. For their convenience as well as my own. I don't need to eat, but I rather do enjoy it.

All is well, until they have to go and spoil it by actually choosing a book. A horrid smell might simply over take the shop. A rather loud, and unidentifiable noise, quite possibly from upstairs or down. If all else fails, the book may suddenly appear well worn and of poor condition.

It's very rare that I have to resort to more…drastic measures. But indeed, it has happened. And could possibly happen again.

Right then. I do think I must go and…preen my feathers.

Italics idicate Good Omens text, buy Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. 94 words.
345 original words.
441 words total
Commnets/RP welcome

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Aziraphale retrieved the bowl of strawberries and both the chocolate and the cream. The chocolate needed a bit of warming, and he took care of that easily before dipping a berry and offering it to her.


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Close your eyes and think about what you've been missing in your life lately. It could be a person, pet, place, thing, occasion, feeling. Anything at all that you miss dearly.

Dolphins. He was thinking about dolphins. Beautiful creatures. Majestic animals. Mammals, really, that lived in the sea. It was all about the brain, according to Crowley. Crowley. Yes. Crowley knew a lot about dolphins.

Aziraphale wanted to know about dolphins too. He only knew what Crowley told him. He needed to go to the source. To the source, yes. Crowley would like that. He wondered, then, if Crowley had ever seen a dolphin. Knowing Crowley, he’d probably ridden a dolphin. Of course, knowing Crowley, he probably also fell off, and that would be why he never told Aziraphale about it.

But wait. Yes. He was thinking about dolphins. Thinking about the beauty of a dolphin jumping out of the water. Arcing, really. Crowley had said the arc which isn’t the same as jumping. Crowley said a lot of things Aziraphale remembered. He remembered nearly every word Crowley said. Well, that wasn’t strictly true. He often couldn’t remember the precise words Crowley said, but he remembered that Crowley had said something.

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